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Classical Dressage Training Portland, Oregon


Dressage Background and Philosophy

Pippa Callanan is passionate about Nuno Oliveira's understanding of French classical dressage. She offers lessons and training that's rooted in her experience with Bettina Drummond, Rodrigo Matos, José Manuel Correia Lopes, Carlos Carneiro, and Ross Harper-Lewis, as well as at three year study with Bertrand Ravoux as part of the Ecole de Légèreté. This approach is welcoming to all types of horses and levels of riders.

Pippa was exposed to classical dressage by way of Bettina Drummond in 2002. Through clinicing with Bettina, she experienced the feel and lightness that was possible through tactful horsemanship, an understanding of balance through the use of the rider's back and seat. Bettina also helped establish an ethics that is central to her work. She currently hosts Bettina Drummond for clinics at High Valley Stables.

After several years clinicing with Bettina, Pippa was encouraged to go to France to learn from Ross Harper-Lewis on how to start young lusitanos at her breeding farm outside of Lussat, France. Ross was a long-time student at Nuno Oliveira’s and one of the first civilian women into the Portuguese Calvary School at Malfra. The training there was intensive, and included everything from ground work with foals, backing horses for the first time and riding school masters who could teach feel of upper level movements.

During her college years studying Philosophy and Chemistry, she was a working student for Regina Agren. Regina emphasizes straightness to correct asymmetries, imbalances and contractions in the horse. In her first and only year on the show circuit, she won several national USDF and IALHA awards as a junior/young rider on a young Lusitano stallion. During this time, she was greatly helped by Lilo Fore, André Ganc and Miguel Ralão.

In 2013, Philippe Karl selected Pippa to join 15 other riders in the USA to participate in the Ecole de Légèreté, or School of Lightness. This is an intensive, 3.5 year program that teachers trainers about classical methods and evaluates theory, pedagogy, and application with our own horses and students. 

Pippa also founded Lusitano Legacy, for her stallion's breeding services, and Epona Exchange, a charitable horse classifieds. She also served on the board of directors for the non-profit organization, Légèreté USA, that facilitates all Ecole de Légèreté courses in America.